6 Key Points To Prepare Founders For VC Funding

Getting the backing of a Venture Capital Fund (VC) is often a key milestone for any growing business, it is, therefore, important to strategize both your preparation and approach.

At Rise Ventures, we currently partner with over 130 UK and US-based Venture Capital firms. Whilst all VC’s have their investment thesis (which may focus on a specific vertical or company stage) it is evident that there are certain business decisions and/or metrics which can lead from a promising proposition to a firm ‘NO’.

International Women’s Day 2022

Over the years, the financial services industry has been known for a lack of gender diversity, even though there are more women in today’s workforce than ever before. It’s important that we highlight that there is still so much more that we can do as business owners to ensure equality is prevalent within our workforce, by offering a fair playing field through efforts to ensure human resource management and employee diversity is held in high regard.

Big Energy Saving Week

This marks a perfect opportunity for businesses and individuals to kick-start their energy efficiency plans for 2022 on the road to Net Zero. With Cop26 just a few months back, this week reopens the conversations on the importance of reducing our energy consumption and having clear plans in our homes, schools and workplaces on how we can improve and save energy.