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Rise Ventures is a dynamic private investment platform connecting a vast network of ambitious, engaged investors with visionary, high-growth companies to deliver exclusive, early-stage, ethical funding opportunities.

We are committed to creating a fair and equal marketplace, reducing the barrier to entry for all. We are committed to delivering a supportive business development platform for our raisers – a foundation for personal investors and institutions to make sizeable returns.

We are committed to supporting businesses at all stages of their lifecycle – from embryonic to maturity, we are motivated to unlock value for investors.

As the intermediary, we cater to Investors, Raisers & our Network: Advantage Everyone

  • Raisers – Rise offers businesses more than just access to finance. We commit to facilitating business success through our network, our market research and customer service. We offer almost double the value-for-money of our key competitors, and partner with some of the most exciting and dynamic entrepreneurs and tech companies in the UK. So, all the Rise Ventures are start-ups, growth and mature businesses striving for success.
  • Investors: The Rise platform gives investors a share of ownership in a business in exchange for investment. Our focus is exploring each venture in as much detail as possible to de-risk & re-enjoy investing. You can invest in a promising company, as it becomes more valuable, so your share value increases, meaning potentially sizeable profits upon exit. Rise supports and caters to both institutional and retail investors and we deliver the best platform and customer service to maximise the potential of returns.

Put simply, we plan to revolutionise our industry. At present it is very one dimensional, with finance in exchange for equity. We understand money alone will not drive success. Our depth comes with the support and focus on growth.

Using relationships, research, and communication to support our Raisers, because we know if they are nurtured, then everyone wins. We are determined not just be different, but better.

Your advantage

  • Lower cost of investment – For Raisers, we offer almost double the value for money of our key competitors
  • The Rise marketplace – We connect you with a vast network, a research hub and marketing tools to facilitate your growth
  • Transparency – We prioritise openness. We value our inclusive community of raisers, investors, and service providers to promote entrepreneurship
  • Rigorous due diligence – We demand a lot from our raisers- To de-risk each venture, we deeply explore all areas, ensuring potential is maximised
  • The Rise eco-system – Our price positioning coupled with our robust, state-of-the-art solution functionality is better positioned to serve the market than competitors
  • Investing fee-free – Rise does not directly charge anything to investors whatsoever, even at the point of sale – your return is yours


At Rise, we have thrown a spanner in the works and re-defined the industry expectation. We cater to growth not just a financing.

Our 4 key components:

1. Campaign Raise 

  • Campaign raise is for the dynamic companies we represent. These are highly explored, sustainable ventures that we consider to be the most exciting on the market.
  • This section of the business is the most popular, where anyone can invest & share the exciting prospect of investing in private equity and seeking heavy profits.
  • During these campaigns we provide our raisers with a dedicated campaign manager to work marketing the campaign to maximise “investability.”

2. The Network 

  • Rise operate as a consultative organisation, throughout campaigns and if required, providing our support and advise on business operations.
  • Rise partner with dozens of service providers from accounting to branding, legal to events. We do not charge anything; these are just trusted professional contacts that we have worked with and a confident they will be able add value.
  • This will inevitably cut out the need for arduous Google searching and profiling or interviewing. This should also help you realise your budgets, i.e.. Instead of budgeting £2,000 a month, a consultant may clarify achieving same goals for £100 etc.

3. Research

  • Another product available to our Raisers is the availability of direct stakeholder feedback through any of our thousands of investors.
  • By utilising surveys available to all our Raisers, they can ask the big questions that may need more opinions. I.e., growth plans, product testing etc.

4. The Rise Brokerage

  • A unique facility providing a bespoke service for accessing investment eligible to specific companies seeking over a certain threshold.
  • Get in touch to check eligibility.

Coming soon

Watch this space, Rise Ventures have a vision to grow our industry and trailblaze into the future. Join us, we have many different facilities, product offerings & geographical goals to achieve and we will need your support.

We will not stop until we represent the most incredible companies and investors from all around the world.

Have any questions or want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page or contact us on 020 3987 9000 or info@risevg.com

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