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Starting a company is a tough gig, especially if you are a first time founder. Rise partner with incubators and accelerators throughout the UK to ensure that new entrepreneurs get the support they need to execute a successful business plan. Looking to surround your business with experience? Get in touch to find your local, reputable accelerators.


Good legal advice can be expensive, but so can no legal advice. It's an incredibly important aspect of your business so it's important you find someone that delivers a high-quality Service. Our extensive network of legal representatives covers all of your business needs.


It's a field of business that many companies opt to outsource, especially at the beginning, saving you money and streamlining your processes. Outsourcing accounting can also take the pressure off one single internal employee. Services offered here include bank account opening, financial forecasting, and an acting company secretary on your board.


The term "Tech" covers so much these days, but whether it's a website development agency or a tech innovation specialist you're after, you'll find it through the Rise Network. The wrong tech can be very damaging for a start-up, so using people you trust here is imperative.


Like legal this is an area that can be skimped on. Compliance is integral to your business' success and very importantly its legitimacy. Our partners are experienced firms who offer effective high-end solutions for a wide variety of functionalities.

Graphic Design

Looking to add a fresh look to your products or services? Maybe even a full-scale rebranding process is on the horizon? We have a network of award winning designers who are here to suffice your graphical needs.


Our key partners power Compliance, Transparency and Trust.


Whilst we partner with top service providers to ensure that our services to investors are compliant and trustworthy, we also partner with services to further bolster growth for our raisers. Kollider and Rise come together to understand the needs of Founders we work with, to develop their ideas and aid them on their route to success.


“The Kollider Eagle Lab, located in the heart of Sheffield’s city center is a vibrant, connected place to work, host, and socialise.

Our 3rd floor, flexible space is home to a diverse, ambitious community of founders growing diverse tech, digital and creative businesses.

Situated above the reknowned Kommune food hall and social space, Kollider Eagle Lab connects you with a world of events, access to funding, business support, visa endorsement, and a myriad of benefits through our Partner, Barclays Eagle Lab.” 

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The Rise Network is here to help you take your venture to the next level. By connecting with our community of trusted partners through this business tool, you will be able to collaborate with industry experts who have practical experience of developing, growing and helping businesses achieve their strategic goals.