Rise are deal sharing partners to our investors and together we can Invest in the exceptional. Indulge and unlock enhanced deal flow.

The Value For Investors...


We identify a handful of opportunities that we believe can be future market leaders, and represent them on a totally bespoke basis. For us, it’s about quality not quantity.

Time & Expertise

Complementing yourself or your internal associates, by maximising your scouting reach and opportunity generation via our deal hunters and our global network.

Due Diligence & Filtration

As a regulated & reputable firm, Rise conduct DD on all Raisers to ensure qualification assurance for investors: Financial, Credit, ESG, AML/KYC & core investability.

Exclusive Originations

Off market & co-investing; we partner with various investment & eco-system partners so we access deep channels & represent raisers unlikely to be available otherwise.

Why Invest with us?

Rise offer visionary, high-growth deal flow for discerning private market investors


Share your thesis and we will match you with opportunities which suit you. Cut down on opportunities with no synergy, and save time sourcing,

Private Investors

All Private Market investors are welcome, Angels through to VC's & Family Offices all currently benefit from our services.

A Brighter Future

Rise representatives are all tech for good, positive impact businesses which means your investment will do more.

Due Diligence

Our in depth enhanced due diligence process and compliancy procedures nurture your trust in our discerning approach to investing.


We live and die by reputation and that's why we don't compromise on quality. All opportunities get the Rise Stamp of Approval.

Access Exclusive deals

By joining our network, you get access to exclusive opportunities. To find out more, reach out to our investment consultants.

Deal Flow

Investing in private markets is exciting, but it doesn’t come without it’s dangers. That’s why we deploy an extensive onboarding and due diligence process for all of the companies we represent. 

All companies go through various stages of checks; valuations, stakeholders, credit, and legal compliance, to ensure that we provide a deal flow that you can both trust and benefit from. 


Rise are proud to have a network of hundreds of qualified active private market investors from all different walks of life. Being part of an investment community unlocks unlimited value. 

Join us, one of the fastest growing networks in the UK. We are embedded in communities from our HQ in London, with a presence in Cardiff, Sheffield, and coming soon to the USA.


Our network is forever expanding and increasing value for all involved. 

Our mission is to enhance our community of relevant investors, professionals and entrepreneurs, while maintaining our exclusivity to the highest calibre ‘Raisers’. 

Let’s Rise Together. 

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Investor Partnerships

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Network Partners


On behalf of selected investors, Rise engages on a buy-side mandate for whom we apply our expertise & access to identify & engage the most appropriately matched specific opportunities for our investors. We utilise our resources and infrastructure to source, connect, conduct due diligence & provide evaluative reports for our investors to invest in the best strategic opportunities for them.


Traditionally we have mostly worked on sell-side mandates, where we engage high growth, venture staged, impact focused businesses across a variety of industries in technology from late seed through to series B. For raisers we design, launch & execute fund raises for whom we strategically connect the mission aligned investment partners in our community. Essentially we procure quality, thesis aligned deal flow.

Investment Sectors

Where do we specialise?


The future of financial services. Fintech describes any company that provides financial services through software or other technology and includes anything from mobile payment apps to cryptocurrency. This growing sector is ripe with investment opportunities. Vast development and innovation in this area equals significant returns from new businesses.


More and more investment is pouring into this area. As we battle climate change considerations and populations continue to grow, investors are betting on a greener future and its promising financial returns. A lot of smart money is being invested here. There is increased pressure from global governments on global energy companies, forcing them to modernize and pave a route for clean-tech.

B2B Software

Software solutions are constantly changing the way businesses operate to keep up with our everchanging business ecosystem. We champion new ideas in this sector, supporting companies offering high end, innovative solutions to corporations on a global scale. B2B software is forever in demand, it's our job to source companies providing solutions which will ultimately change the way companies operate, all to the benefit of their consumers.

Consumer Apps

Consumer apps are forever in demand, as technology develops new ideas overtake current applications to improve the way we communicate, learn, and structure our lives. We partner with various communities who are driving change in this sector, we offer the chance to get involved in their journey at an early stage, so get involved before they hit the app store!


Traditionally, FMCG has always been a large success in investment portfolios, but it doesn't come without it's risks. Competition for shelf space is rifer than ever, which is why we only represent companies in this sector who have already paved their route to market. Increasing demands for sustainable products by conscious consumers drives a reborn desire for FMCG investment, we are here to source opportunities which will positively change consumers impact, along with a healthy ROI.

Ones to Watch

We understand the importance of being open to new ideas. That’s why we believe in supporting the hottest, most dynamic new companies on the block, which is why we are always on the look out for fast moving industries where opportunities will benefit our investors portfolios.

Our Impact

In general, Rise are sector agnostic but like all firms, we have more expertise in some industries as listed above – but we champion learning and variety.  

We represent companies who are creating positive impact amongst their sectors, with a minimum entry requirement of being carbon neutral or better. Our aim is not just to create a positive impact on your pocket, but also upon our business ecosystem.


The Rise Approach

We adopt a unique approach where we desire ventures in industries and markets that we find exciting and new innovations which are changing the way businesses and consumers operate. 

The Rise approach is bespoke, and reputational based – all of our opportunities get the golden stamp of approval to ensure they fit our investors needs, and represent our company values.


Bespoke Requirements

Rise are fortunate to attract business’ from all sectors looking to raise funds via our services. So we are open to what our investors demand!

Looking to make investments into a particular sector or solution? Reach out to one of our investment consultants and we will provide opportunities that fit your requirements. 

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If you are over the age of 18 and meet the requirements of our investor authorization process, then you will be eligible to invest via our services.

In order to complete the investor authorization process you will be required to self-certify as either a high net-worth investor, a sophisticated investor, or an everyday investor, and demonstrate that you understand the risks of investing in businesses – this involves a short questionnaire.


Investing in early stage private limited companies may place your capital at risk and is illiquid in nature. You may lose part or all of the amount you invest. Investments are long term and it may not be possible to sell your investment prior to maturity. 

We do not provide investment, tax or legal advice and we recommend you seek professional advice if you are considering investing. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Investment is therefore restricted to professional, high net worth and sophisticated investors who can demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to understand the risks of investing.

You must read carefully and in full the detailed information memorandums and risk warnings relating to the investment opportunities that are accessible through this website. Please read our full Risk Warning before investing.